Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jewelry Display DIY with a French Vintage flair

So,I'm back from France and I'm a bit disappointed...
As I see it,Paris is no longer the Capital of fashion !
This is sad really ,cause I was expecting to see cool ,fresh and stylish people and draw lots of inspiration and ideas from...But instead, I came home almost empty-handed ,baring very little souvenirs in my stylish red suitcase .
While in Paris,I knew I had to visit their HUGE Flea Markets "Puces" as it called in French.
Sadly,I got the chance to check only one of them-"Puces de Vanves" and I LOVED it!

What is there not to love in a flea market-lots of cool finds,vintage goods and colorful sceneries
  When my feet stood on the Puces ground ,I had only one agenda in mind-finding awesome vintage door knobs to make a jewelry display for my little upcoming studio boutique

We went through lots and lots of great finds
Looking everywhere for that perfect stand that will carry my dreams and 
Voilà -we've found it
 I'm in HEAVEN!!!!
My FAVORITE stand ever!!!!
 Just can't get enough of vintage door knobs and handles -TOTALLY addicted :D

So after spending about 45 minutes standing ,admiring  and sorting ,( and after my hubby's stares  burnt a hole in my back) I bought myself a nice collection of knobs,handles,keys and keyhole thingies and happily declared the trip as a successful one :)
I also found some lovely old frames,but that is a totally different blog post

So, why my page header says "Jewelry Display DIY" and instead ,I'm rambling about my vintage finds you ask...Well, I had to give you a preview to the whereabouts of my finds prior to explaining the "what will I do with them",right ?!
And so,now that I'm home,I'm going to show you what one can do with his/her flea market junk :D
Make yourself an AWESOME OOAK Jewelry Display

  • First of,obviously you'll need to find a frame .

It can be old and beaten-up or fancy and shining- it's your choice :)
I found mine while traveling with my family, thrown in a field close to my house ( a perfect place to find frames,right :D )

  • Second of, you'll need some kind of  board- I had one laying around in the house which by totally a surprising coincidence was right in the measurement of my frame,so I even didn't need to cut it to size ,but you might need to,so do that-cut a board to fit nicely inside your frame 
  • Third thing you'll want (not necessary ,but totally upgrading your projects ) is a cool with a vintage flair fabric to upholster the board 
  • And lastly,you'll need a nice variety of old/vintage knobs/handles

As you know,I have my sweet XYRON Creatopia Machine that was a huge help to have while doing this project  - I just run my fabric through my Creatopia loaded with fabric adhesive and glued it to the board

 Next is the fun part-frame the fabric decorated board and attach your awesome vintage flea market finds to it

Here are my vintage skeleton keys and the keyhole decorations been attached to the board

 You can use them as is,or stick a pole through the key loops to add more storage space

Add your selection of knobs  
Make sure not to to space them to far apart -I used the measurement  of my neck to determine the space (13cm worked great)
 Hang it and ENJOY

P.S-how beautiful is this vintage ads fabric,ha-found it in a lovely small shoppe at Vernon
They have a website you can check