Sunday, September 15, 2013

Petaloo and Graphic 45 Blog Hop

Today I have a special treat for you-we are at XYRON teamed up with Petallo and Graphic45 for an AWESOME blog hop.

Petaloo has these GORGEOUS  paper blooms that immediately gave me an idea of what I want to do for this hop...
For Petaloo,I'm gonna show you how you can easily make a stunning   Blossoming Headband with very little ingredients but one that will upgrade your outfit and take it to another level

 Seaside Blossom Headband
 photo seaside_headband_zps4d574282.gif

With Graphic45 ,I decided to go for Pinspired  home decor and show you how to make this cool 3D Paper Star that can also serve as a light fixture 

BUT ,lets begin with the Blossoming Headband :)
To make one you'll need -

  • a Headband base (I had a skinny doubled metal headband )
  • Petaloo Darjeeling - Dahlias x 10 Sm. - Seaside (SKU: 1467-405UPC Code: UPC: 751036475721) /Darjeeling Daisies x 4 Lg. Seaside (ITEM: 1469-405 UPC Code: UPC: 751036475899)
  • Crochet Lace Fancy Trim 2.25 yds Blues ( ITEM: 1482-103)
  • XYRON 1.5" create-a-sticker
  • XYRON 3/16" High Take glue dots
  • A small piece of felt in coordinating colour 
  • Thread and needle

 Begin by measuring the crochet lace trim-it should be slightly larger than your headband so the edges can overlap a little bit
 Stick your trim/s to your 1.5" XYRON sticker maker to apply a back to back adhesive on them

 Adhere the trim to your headband
 Overlap trim edges to make a nice all around crochet headband
 Nice already isn't it :)
 Now cut your piece of felt to an egg-like shape-this will be the base to your corsage
 Apply XYRON high tack glue dots to the back of each bloom

 Voila -you already have a stunning cluster 
 Now sew the  corsage base to the headband  with a quick stitch and your done


For the Graphic45 Paper Star Lantern ,please hop on to the next post :)


  1. I like it so much, is georgus!!!

  2. Thank you for showing how to make this hairband. :)