Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's a sneak peek post

So you may ask what am I being up to in these HOT days...Well,crafting as usual would be the simple answer,but if I want to be more particular,three projects were on my mind- custom Twisted Knotted Bow dress is done and already on it's way to the Russian fashion capital-Moscow

2.making a pocahontas headband

This is a very time consuming project!!! It took me two whole days to complete.
All the flowers were hand crafted in a very special ancient technique -(Mommy,thanks for keeping this book for me for 30 years) these are not the regular candle burned poppies (though one like this was added too :)
I decorated all the fringes with natural feathers, metal beads and genuine turquoise and coral gems. And the metal base headband was covered with a 5 braid weaved leather string

3. Third project is actually a new fall collection I've been working on for a while now...I feel very pressured to finish it on time for the real fall to come.
Though I don't see it happen on time :( ,as I see etsy is all about fall already... I really need to get myself together and work harder on it!!!
So stay tuned for the new collection and meanwhile

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