Thursday, March 24, 2011

9 month journey is almost finished...But what a journey it was

So... how all it began-

Somewhere in the beginning of August I found out that I'm expecting a new addition to our family (a really wanted and planned one ,I may say :)
With Sierra,it took us almost two years of trying...! This time, it took substantially shorter period of time,so me being pregnant was a great surprise for both me and my hubby.

I didn't told my hubs right away as I wanted to deliver the good news in a special way...
I saw this idea on the web of fabric envelope with a message inside (click on the link for a how to) and thought of a great idea to make it more suitable for my needs- I asked my friend Minasmoke for a permission to use one of her papercut works as a print (huge thanks dear friend for letting me use and manipulate your gorgeous creation for my needs) and following the easy instructions above, created a "Family Tree" envelope of Tiamat extended familia

So after secretly sewing the envelope and stuffing it with the positive pregnancy test, I put it inside of the glove compartment in my car and drove to pick up my dear husband from work...
When he entered the car I advised him to open the glove compartment by saying he got something delivered for him (he has made the same in the past for me with a BEAUTIFUL ring he had buy me after our first baby girl was born ) .
At the beginning , he didn't even get what I want from him :-D
OPEN the envelope, babe!!!!!!

Can you imagine how surprised he was-a PURE JOY :)

The first couple of months were really difficult for me...
But on the bright side,I got 100 times more creative during the mid and last pregnancy period-my head is FULL of ideas for the future and I'm just restless -can't stop working :)

I'm blessed with great husband,beautiful daughter and wonderful friends!!!

The time just flew and during the months, me and Minasmoke had launch our new 2011 special edition PettiSmoke spring collection,a new line of tote bags ,I launched my own small spring line and there are many more projects cooking up on a burner

9 month!!!! and what a journey!!!

To celebrate the near end and new beginning, my husband traditionally made a belly cast of my HUGE 9 month pregnant belly-great and VERY recommended experience !!!

and now...all left is to finish all my "baby" projects and have a quick and easy birth

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