Saturday, April 16, 2011

Glitter Flowers wall decoration DIY

In my "It's time for check list... " post I wrote about making a  multicolor glittered flowers to decorate the walls and thought maybe you'd like to do the same for your kid's room decorations,so I took some making of photos to share with you
To make your wall shine,you'll need -
a simple sticky stencil
any glaze you use for your paper crafts
paint brush 

  1. Cut any shape you like using a sticky sheet- I'm using a simple vinyl and my Silhouette cutter machine to cut my stencil,but you easily can cut a simple shape in the vinyl by using your craft knife 
  2. Stick the vinyl stencil in it's chosen place on the wall
  3. Put a nice coat of glaze in the "stamping" area 
  4. Wait a bit till it becomes a bit tacky 
  5. Using your fingers, "glue" the glitter in the previously glazed areas 
  6. Peel of the stencil-don't let the glaze dry,otherwise while pulling,you may accidentally  remove some of the glitter off the wall
  7. Let dry and enjoy the sparkles  


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