Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's time for check list...

For the last month all I'm doing is baby stuff...Bedding...Room Decor...Cloth Diapers and what not
So I thought to make a check list to see if I got it all

First thing I've done is the vinyl wall stickers decoration.
I went with deep green fuzzy vinyl for the leafage ,combined with cream vinyl flowers  and multicolor glittered flowers I've stenciled on
I decided to add a 3D kirigamy owl made from gold sprayed recycled paper
and Anne-Julie's Snow White postcard I previously framed in my handmade shell frame
(click on the links to read about Anne Julie and making-of my frame )

Second were the furnitures...
We haven't had any left from Sierra and had to buy a new crib/dresser set.
 But as usual,we waited for too long to make the purchase and the time was pressing (in the stores the delivery time was 35-40 days from the purchase date,and we just didn't have that time to wait and really didn't want to take a chance of our second princess to be brought into an empty room...
So,because of the time pressure and  the fact that all the sets we've liked were just to pricey for us,we eventually decided to get a second hand set.

Nursery furniture- 2nd hand in great condition

LOVE to mellow yellow color of the set :) VERY neutral and works great with the lilac wall color and the vinyl stickers 

Bedding set
ALL HANDMADE by me with a little help from my sweet French friend Cherifa aka Minasmoke, who let me use her sweet kid-like  illustrations for me to screen-print them onto the set

First I made the fitted bed sheets-total of  3 sheets in different floral patterns (you can see each of the patterns on the bumper for the coordinating look  )

and if I talked already about the bumper-here it is

It is made of 6 separate (not soft) cushions tied with velvet ribbons to the bed's rails
3 of the cushions have cute screen-printed design on a solid background and 3 others have the floral pattern from the bed sheets 

Before I made the head bumper I sewed the blanket/quilt/baby duvet or whatever you'd like to call it
Since the little one is going to be born on the bunny/rabbit year, I choose my Plush Bunny design to make a HUGE appliqué ,using one of the floral patterned fabrics ^^ and  complimentary pinks

What else...what else...aaaaaaa...The changing pad-LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

I went a bit crazy with it...added some more appliqués -colorful balloons  and some of the screen-printed designs I've done on the bumper, to tie all together ....Pretty...Pretty...Pretty 

I also made a pleated bed skirt from the khaki  fabric I used for the blanket ....But it just boring,so I don't showing it :)

Well,after check-listing all I've done,I just realized one small thing- I totally forgot about a bed attached diaper stacker !!!  Since I'm planning on using cloth diapers ( at least I will try to) I MUST have a diaper stacker and a LARGE one too (they say I need about 30 of them so I won't need to launder more then each 3-4 days...)

So,I guess more work for me,and more updates for you :)
Till then..see you


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