Monday, August 24, 2015

Birthday Season part II - Sierra's 8th birthday 'Birds & Butterflies'

By Viki Tiamat

Three month after we have celebrated Sheluvi's B-Day and only 2 weeks after our third little princess Sage was born , I through an 8th Birthday bash  for our oldest princess Sierra.
This time the theme was 'Birds & Butterflies'

For the invitations I went for an 'Exploding Card' or  'Card in a Box'
Every single card was handmade and had a little birdie and butterflies in it-all were done in party chosen theme colors of lime and fuchsia

Each card was a little bit different and completely OOAK

{By the way, if you would like for me to write up a quick tut on how to make these little boxes stuffed with colorful pop ups,drop me a line in the message section bellow and I gladly will! }

So I made 10 of these puppies and we were ready to go PARTY

Let me tell you something, for me each of my girl's birthdays is like a little Christmas :)
And since we are not celebrating Christmas being Jewish, each chance I have to open my party decoration box it feels  just a tiny winy like Christmas in July.
And when the day of the birthday arrives ,I can't wait to put my hands on all of my bunting and paper balls-is it just me or you all feel like this?!

This birthday as I mention before was all butterflies and birds,so the craft table was decorated accordingly-
 I used a lime table cloth with natural burlap runner I got from Canvas Corp Brand  on top  to emphasize the earthiness of the design ,added a piece of driftwood and spread lots and lots of butterflies all over

Each of Sierra's girlfriends got a treat bag with butterfly name tag on top and butterfly craft kit inside

And my little, big princess Sierra was shining from happiness :) 

This time I did use fondant for the top of the cake ,but went with the trend of the 'Naked Cake' for the sides.

I decided to kind of copy the bird and butterflies invitations I have done ,so I drew the bird from the napkin I used to make the actual invites.

Coconut cake with lime frosting
I you will see, I baked like crazy throughout the weekend so that the dessert table will carry all the cookies Sierra loves

Extra rich Chocolate cookies
Everything was home made from start to bottom -even the dessert trays

The mini donuts were colored in lime and pink too :)
Lime flavored mini donuts
The alfajores stayed creamy white but were just delish :P

Popcorn ,cause everybody loves popcorn including the birdies 
And the drinks were squeezed out of fresh ,locally grown and self picked passion fruits and nectarines 

Of course the show stiller was the candy man again ...and note to self would be to have learn the lesson and bring out the fairy floss maker at the end of the party instead of the beginning of it!!!!
The kids stood in line to get some sugar on a stick and almost non of the desserts I have done were even touched (well ...more stayed for us so it was a win,win situation anyway lol )

So all that is left is to wish our big precious girl a Happy 8th Birthday !!!
We LOVE you so much
Mommy,Daddy,Sheluvi and Sagie


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