Monday, August 24, 2015

Birthday Season has BEGAN - Sheluvi's Fairy party

 By Viki Tiamat

Soooo here came the party season of our little bear family and first birthday to be celebrated is Sheluvi's
Sheluv is gonna turn 4 this year and this is her very first party to celebrate with her kinder garden friends.  As a true princess she asked for a Fairy themed party and I as her own privet Fairy Mother started the hectic preps.
As you all know, each fairy tail begins with magical invitation and since the birthday is in Passover times I wanted to go with the decorated Fairy Egg "hidden message" invitations.

 Each egg was drained from content ,boiled, dried and hand decorated!
Then a tini, tiny invitation was rolled and inserted in among some fairy dust glitter.

{By the way,if you want me to write a quick tut on how  all this loveliness was done,drop me a a line in the message section below and I gladly will }

After the invites were ready and given, it was so much FUN watching how the kids broke them!!!
The surprised look on their twinkling eyes when the glitter flew out and the overall magical vibe these hidden message fairy eggs created for everyone of us were all well worth the time spent on making them

And then...after the hard work on the invitation eggs has been completed  the real labor began- the DESSERTS making... ta dam!!!
I've planned a whole list of them but the most time consuming /work intensive were the decorated Fairy Cake and the party favor chocolate "kinder" like huge surprise eggs

The tempering of the chocolate...mold coating ...finger licking and the nerve racking of them all-taking out the chocolate eggs from the molds... OMGosh, my eggs were shaking ...literally :P

The crafty part of this activity other than the activity of making the actual eggs was given upon honor to the big sister-Sierra who proudly and very creatively made ALL the little surprises that went into the eggs

for the boys
for the girlies

Sierra and I carefully packed all of them ,put a credit sticker on each and placed them into the eggs

Of course all were sealed with a second half of a chocolate heaven delight and went into cute little treat baggies that I forgot to take pictures of

Next came the cake!
Usually I would make a MMF (marshmallow fondant ) decorated cake,but this time I decided to go with less sugar and more healthy calories so....chocolate decorations it was!

Here comes THE Cake

And happily ever after the B-Day arrived

Decorations were hang

Dessert table was set under the enchanting tree

 Sweets and Treats were all over

Almond bites and Peanut cupcakes
Mini Donuts
Fruity Fairy Wands
Milk bottles

Russian dessert-Zdeffir

Freshly squeezed Orange juice
Then...The Candy Man arrived with Fairy Floss

and spread much happiness around our little fairy guests

After so many calories consumed we had a blast crafting with the kiddos using my new DIY necklace/mobile kit

And all in all, our little kitty cheerfully celebrated her 4th Fairy Birthday 
We LOVE you our sweetheart and wish you MANY,MANY more awesome birthdays to come

Sheluvi and the attitude 


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