Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sun is on my side

Now this is one GORGEOUS treasury starting from the colors through the picks of the curator MimimiCards - DEF reflects the ^^title

and I have the pleasure to be featured in it with Sailor Knot Headband

Of course, what I had to do next is check the shop of this very tasteful creator and had find some BEAUTIFUL Paper Cut cards

Here are some of my FAV pieces

And guess what else is pretty cool...This talented artist is living and crafts in the city I was born at-Kiev, Ukraine

So...who is there behind MimimiCards?
Lets see-

"There are two of us here in a small paper-cutting studio- Nastasya & Zdrok".

"We love to make all types of handmade greeting-cards and pieces of papercut artworks ".

"All our items are made by hand with design paper, ribbons and our warm feelings" .

GREAT JOB guys!!!
LOVE your work :)

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