Tuesday, February 22, 2011

all the pretty colors

Noella Beauty Works created a beautiful and soft etsy treasury named "all the pretty colors"
featured with my Sailor Knot Headband...and my theory about our shop reflecting the choices we make while creating treasuries has proven me right again!!!
Just from a glimpse to Jaclyn's shop,you'll know what I mean-SO MUCH PRETTY COLORS...And all meant to be used on our faces (but please, not at ones!!!)
Here are some choices I would add to my make up bag (wow all those great products make me so nostalgic...Years ago,I studied to be a make up artist..I must show you some of my works from back then some day :)

But hey,enough about me...lets see the goods from NoellaBeautyWorks shop

Noella Beauty Works is your one-stop shop for PURE, NATURAL Mineral Makeup.
Offered in NBW is an extensive line of mineral eyeshadows, foundations, concealers and blush at affordable prices.

Noella Beauty Works only supplies mineral makeup with the finest, purest ingredients and each and every shade is custom made, hand mixed/shaken, jarred and packaged all by me,Jaclyn

In Noella Beauty Works makeup you will NEVER find:
-Synthetic Dyes
-Synthetic Fragrances

And NOW...my choices and beauty tips for you-

For all you blue/green eye ladies, here is a great set to emphasize the beauty of your eyes

you also can add just a touch of blue or green (but not too much-just a touch)

and this is my cup of tea (I own a set of brown eyes :-D )

and... here is a great listing if you'd like to follow your own taste



A little about Noella Beauty Works-

"My name is Jaclyn and I'm the owner of Noella Beauty Works".

"I'm 21 and a full time student, a part time Barista at a local coffee shop and a full time etsian...I'm a busy bee! But I enjoy every second of it".

"My goal here is to provide a quality product, at an affordable price and above all offer excellent customer service".

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Wow... lady, you are young !!! I sure you stand before a great and pretty future , all painted in PRETTY COLORS!!!!

Good Luck with your FANTASTIC line,I sure will try your products-they all look fabulous!


  1. The pink collection is fabulous with brown eyes as well! (I happen to own a pair of brown eyes too!)

  2. Hi Michelle :) I sure it does!! But for my eyes,brown tones work better...The pink shades make my eyes look tired ,but I do use light pinks too,quite a lot even,for an everyday fresh look :)