Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Feedback! How Great is that...and some new goodies

The Sunflower Duvet cover I've showed you a few posts ago has arrived to it's customer at Canada in a record time of 4!!! days- HUGE wow.....domestic packages sometimes take longer

I'm very happy to share with you, that the customer was pleased above and beyond by her new duvet and made me very glad with her feedback:

"Absolutely INCREDIBLE! I just got it today and it is amazing. So worth the money and totally will use PettiBear again for any silkscreening".
"I love that she was willing to take me through the process showing me pics and accommodate any extras I wanted :D"

Making this duvet was a very difficult project ,but receiving this wonderful feedback makes it all worth it!

So what else is new...
During the past few weeks, I made quite a lot of new goodies-some already listed in my shop,but some remained hidden till this moment
Here are some of my new creations

The World's Most Deadly and Mean Gothic Watch

and a second version-custom order
(both versions will be available to purchase in my shop and be made especially for you to order)

and...I also sewed a new soft wool cloche hat in GORGEOUS robin egg blue,but didn't have the time to shoot it yet -sooooooon it will be taken care of :)
Till then, see ya

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