Saturday, February 19, 2011

Botanical inspirations

Botanical inspirations etsy treasury featured with my Marie Antoinette Roses Statement Bib Necklace got me look out for the source- the creator of this cluster TableLabs and guess what I found... A Tea brewer!!! Botanical inspiration in it's true colors

I LOVE drinking tea...all sorts of it...I actually drink ONLY tea -coffee is not my friend-never drank it,and don't think I'll start drinking it now... but TEA...YES, PLEASE!

Of course, when I have the chance to virtually taste the blooming teas of TableLabs, I feel I must share my cup of tea with you...
so meet a mother of two, a freelance artist , graphic designer and her blooming teas

Now,let's brew some tea!

When we were in New York last year, I was at this lovely Alice in Wonderland theme Tea place and tasted the tastiest tea ever-Chocolate tea...I don't know if this is it^^, but it looks awesome

TableLabs says-
"I love all things handmade and have a great passion for tea".

"Tea is more than a drink to me - it is a world of its own, full of wonderful tastes and aromas, great conversations and memories".

I DEF know what you mean, dear :)
Hope we can meet some day for a cup of tea and a great conversation about handmade and fantastic memories ...

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