Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My Secret Garden- LIMITED EDITION tote bag made it again to a BEAUTIFUL treasury this time by ZirKulas :)
Ane,the artist behind this beauty^^ is so very talented!!!
When I clicked to see her shop,I immediately fell in love...She draws lovely characters I wish to own for Sierra and her future sister room!!!!

I collected some I really,really liked :)

Quiet - art print I think this one is my favorite :)

and one for boys room (maybe some of you have them too :-D )

A little info about the lovely Ane (taken from her etsy profile )

The idea of ZirKulas is sharing the good things among us.
ZirKulas is my place of sharing my obsession and need for drawing with you.

Actually it first came into system when one of my sons grew older and school got harder. Homework became a problem. His suggestion was having me sitting beside him with pencil and paper during his homework. The atmosphere of work created by me drawing, helped him concentrate on his work and made it easy for him to ask for help. Something he really needed.

That is what ZirKulas is about. Do the best out of things, share it, circulate the inspiration and work.

WOW!!! That is a fabulous idea - sitting and working beside your kid while he's doing his homework to fill him with confidants and make him feel safe-I'll try to follow your steps when my kid will grow up or even now... :)

Wonderful tip and FANTASTIC illustrator form the White and Beautiful, frozen Norway


  1. Hi Viki!

    Thank you for such a loving and beautiful presentation of my etsy shop and work!

    I love your work!
    Your shop is wonderful!

    Ane Cathrine

  2. My pleasure dear :)
    I truly am loving your work!