Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guess who was the BIG winner of the "TheNebulousKingdom" giveaway...ME!!!!!

So yep, I was the BIG winner of Anne-Julie Aubry's aka TheNebulousKingdom giveaway
How cool is that I'd enter to win the pocket mirror Anne-Julie has offered close to my B-Day, and actually got the notification about me winning the giveaway on my Birthday!!!!
What an AWESOME present!!!!

The package arrived about a week ago and was full of surprises- along with the winning price^^, the sweetest Anne-Julie has also sent me some extra goodies ...YEY!!!!

She added to the envelope a complimentary to the pocket mirror bonus- her BEAUTIFUL Blue Field Memories postcard and an additional Girl at Poppies postcard

In addition to all these^^,her fabulous business cards were attached ,which were picturing three of her illustrations -The Flower Fairy , A Life with Flowers and Illumination -
All three to me are not just a business cards but, pieces of tiny mini arts!
So... instead of keeping them in the dark,I decided to give them a proper treatment and frame them in a tiny handmade frames

Here is the "Flower Fairy" and her frame+ a making of it
I promise to show you the other frames too, real soon :)

THANKS again to Anne-Julie for her BEAUTIFUL present for my 29th B-Day
I LOVE it ALL!!!!

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