Friday, July 30, 2010

The dreamy artist and my new frame

Back in December I had order a BEAUTIFUL ^^ Rosa Sinensis art postcard by Sabbio
This card is special in so many ways...First of all I think it looks a bit like me
Secondly , I ordered it for my husband's 30th B-Day which makes it double special
and Third reason that makes it so damn unique is-it was drawn by my special friend -a dreamy French artist who loves to paint femininity through its strength, beauty and dreams...Sabrina

And so, for the last half year I'm planning to frame it and put it in place where it belongs-my wall
Today I got a visit from the muse fairy and decided to make a frame for my Rosa.
Unfortunately, my hubby was away and I had to cut the wood myself (not an easy task I may say) but, with great will comes the strength...
So here it is, my New frame for Rosa Sinensis

through the making process

to the real deal

my Rosa Sinensis

In that note,I could have finish my post ,but before I do,I really want you to get to know Sabbio-

Sabrina is a beautiful soul, delicate and intelligent women .A mother of two adorable cubs and a very talented illustrator!!!
I feel a special connection to her and so, here are the art pieces I'm finding myself attracted to the most

Silvia Fernia ORIGINAL Eco-painting

Original handpainted pocket mirror

Cinnamon chai tea box
by Sabbio

Grace's frangipani print (limited edition)

That's to me is a true femininity through its strength!!!!

Sabrina, J'adore ton art !!!!

If you feel the same as I do^^ and wish to discover more of Sabbio's art visit her
Cinnamon Tree blog
or enjoy her galleries :

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