Saturday, July 10, 2010

Global Treasures .........

Global Treasures...Uh,YES!

Best Carftomania Tool Team telents from around the world gathered into 16 gorgeous thumbnails collected by a VERY talented jewelry artist Kathleen aka kathcojewellery

I represent Israel with my Over the Shoulder Asymmetrical shirt

Here are some of my favorites form kathcojewellery
Introduction first-

Some info about Katleen -
Katleen says in her etsy profile that making jewellery has become a passion of her and she especially enjoy going to bead fairs and discovering new exciting materials to work with.
"When it comes to relaxing I love nothing better than catching a movie or reading a good book in a cosy cafe".

I hear you Kat,if we weren't living half world apart from each other,I would have LOVE to catch a cozy conversation with you in some lovely cafe .Maybe in our next BIG vacation we will choose to go Down Under and visit you in Sydney , Australia (I DEF would want that)

All Katleen's pieces are professionally handmade jewellery for all occasions,specialising in bridal and fashion pieces.
Made with quality components featuring swarovski pearls and crystals,sterling silver,semi
precious gemstones and other unique beads.
Extreme care is taken to ensure that all pieces have a high quality finish and all items listed on
site, are ready for shipping.

Some Behind the scenes of Kathcojewellery


  1. Viki,
    Thank you so much for featuring Kathcojewellery on your Blog you did an amazing job! It looks Fantastic!!!!!!!
    Kathleen xxx

  2. Kathleen,you are MORE then welcome xx