Friday, July 16, 2010


Too beautiful treasury by Veroque I couldn't not to gasp!!!
There is nothing else to add but-PURE inspiration!!!

But this treasury is only a tip of the'll get what I mean after I'll show you the treasures I found at Vered's etsy store

I can't wait showing you my finds so I'll leave the introto the end of the post
Shall we begin?!

Silver Pocket Watch Pendant Necklace with Turquoise Ball

^^OMG that is chic! I imagine this locket with high waisted trousers in grey and flowy silk top with ruffled sleeves^^Stunning !!!

Well,by now you all can guess J'aime turquoise bijoux and here is another piece I couldn't miss (and after I read the title,I'm totally in love)

Vered, all I can say is -MAY YOU RISE & SHINE
Adorable jewelry with affordable prices

And now,after you saw all this beauty get to know the artist behind it-

Vered is my home land girl- we both live in Israel.
She is a mother of two adorable children and wife to a wonderful friend (as she states, and I truly believe her).
Vered creates since 2003 -after the birth of her daughter (clearly the muses awaken after she gave life to an angel). " I discovered the world of beads...and decided that this is what I wanted to do from now on" (God bless for that :).

Here is what Vered tells in her etsy profile- "Beads and needlework tap into my inner peace and I hope I can share that with you.
I enjoy seeing women wearing my jewelry ,it always makes me happy.
-Most of the complex techniques I use, I learned from the Internet!
Some things I changed and added to create various new items and techniques".

Vered devotes many hours and sometimes quite a few days to bead-work -some of which are individual, "ONE OF A KIND" pieces.

Vered,I personally enjoyed your shop very much and am proud to be in the same team with you!

For more behind the scene of veroque follow her on Twitter or/and Like her on Facebook


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