Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Happy Blue Day

Happy Blue Day...To tell you the truth,I don't die and go to havens when I think of blue,but this treasury by JoyAnna proofs me wrong

Great choices of vibrant royal blue does look good and very fashionable and my wrap dress looks not to shabby too

Here are some finds I found at JoyAnna's clothet

Short Introduction-
JoyAnna's is a mother and daughter team collaboration.
They love fabric, threads, buttons,trims and figuring out what they can create with them.
"Creating is in our blood and bones,expressions of our souls. God, nature and all things beautiful are our inspirations".
** The mother, Brenda, has sewn for years and must have given some of those sewing genes to daughter, Kristi, as she now has an interior decor sewing business - designing and sewing window treatments, bedroom ensembles, shower curtains, decorator pillows etc.

-Well,what can I say more then wish lots of luck and inspiration to Brenda and Kristi and offering you to check some of JoyAnna's goodies

When I found these I immediately thought of my Military style top with Epaulet accentuated shoulders
design -I use 3 different buttons for each epaulet and JoyAnna's buttons will definitely do the drill

HUGE OMGosh to this pillow!
It is made of 64! handmade yoyos ...
You want believe how much work is put into making each piece! (and believe me,I know from my personal experience -see my YoYo dress .HOURS of work are put into making these puppies )
Thumbs UP !

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Petite Pillow

This pillow is so sweet!
I never heard of ribbon embroidery and find it really BEAUTIFUL
and inspiring (I must try it one day on one of my tops)

Here is a tutorial I found on how to do the trick ^^

Some more of JoyAnna can be found here-



  1. Goodmorning PettiBear aka Viki,
    I love the feature - very well put together and we thank you so very much. I have posted it on our cssteam forum, and I'll post on twitter and facebook also.

    May yopu have a wonderful day and week and month and year! I am now following your blog!

    Brenda of JoyAnna

  2. What a wonderful feature on Brenda and Kristi's lovely items!!

  3. Thank you so much for adding the buttons from
    my and my mothers shop. I'm the Kristi part of JoyAnna. You have a beautiful shop. I love your items. The feature about us was very nice. Thank You so Much !!:0)

  4. My pleasure Kristi :) Thanks for featuring my dress in your beautiful treasury