Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alice in Wonderland T-Shirt

Alice in Wonderland T-shirt is a very exciting collaboration between me and the very talented Minasmoke who gracefully illustrated this ^^ wonderland scene, which then is hand screen-printed by me for all Alice fans and Wonderland dreamers

Cherifa aka Minasmoke

Here is a quick sneak peek to two new T-shirts I just yesterday finished printing and were sent to their new owners Sue Ann and Christy Ann

Sue Ann asked for a natural white color,which I couldn't find in any shop,but in order not to disappoint Sue, I hand dyed the bright white Tee with a natural tea dye.
It got a really gentle cream tone and does look now like a natural organic white

Christy Ann's T-shirt

Hope both ladies will get their new Tees very quickly and enjoy wearing them as much as I and Cherifa (Minasmoke) enjoyed creating the design and the actual printing

coupon for our Alice in a wonderland customers
*The coupon is valid only after purchasing the T-shirt.
The discount is for the pin flower from PettiBear's shop!!!

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