Monday, July 12, 2010


Up-Middle-Down ...yep,that's exactly what you'll find in this etsy treasury by DvoraSchleffer

Other then my
Yoyo Pleated dress I would highly recommend adding to your wardrobe the Patent Dress by Duende- I personally just LOVE it!

And now hold yourself,cause I found some FABULOUS finds at Dvora's shop

But first a short introduction-

Dvora Schleffer, is an Israeli jewelry designer working mainly in sterling silver, gemstones and additional materials.

She's trained silversmith and has been creating jewelry for about 20 years!
In her etsy profile she's telling how she started making jewelry when she was 14 and could not stop ever since.

"My jewelry designs are all hand made in small series only in order to keep them unique. I believe that the added value of designer jewelry is that you get to wear something that you will not see everywhere". (Here,here to that!)

She enjoys exploring different techniques and materials to create different jewelry styles in every new collection . "This allows me to have artistic freedom and also to offer innovative design ideas suitable for every taste and occasion".

Dvora,I adore your style and would gladly add any piece from your collection to my accessory stash !
Here are only a few of my very favorite pieces by DvoraSchleffer

Sunshine Drops

Stylish silver and turquoise earings
Will match PERFECTLY with your powder tone boho chic dresses and a vintage brown leather bag

Thin bangle with green Jades

Filligree Hoop earrings (Hoops with a twist-thumbs up!)

Big pink flower cocktail ring

For my opinion,this one is a MUST have for any girl that considers herself to a fashionista!
And the bigger the ring gets-the BETTER!!!

Much more GORGEOUS treasures are to be found in Dvora's shop and are waiting for you to discover !
Happy hunting



  1. Wow, what a nice feature. I am honored. Thank you so much.

  2. My pleasure :) Thanks for featuring my dress in your lovely treasury

  3. Incredible pieces!
    Dvora is a great artist who creates very unique designs.

  4. DEF, I think so too!!!

  5. Beautiful work!
    lovely treasury!

  6. Loves Dvoras jewelry!
    Great work from a fantastic artist!

  7. What a lovely feature on an inspired artist!
    Love Dvora's clean, simple, adorable designs!
    Efi Warsh