Friday, July 16, 2010

Craftomania Rocks! It is in Black & White

Lovely etsy treasury by kayskrafts featuring with fabulous craftomania team items and my Funky low rise Boy Shorts

I had to check what's cooking in kayskrafts oven and found some beautiful French Memo boards
Here are some of my favorites

But first a short introduction
Here is what kayskrafts has to say about herself in her etsy profile-

"I work full time in retail, have 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl, and a very understanding husband. I quilt, make several types of crafts and would love to quit my job and work out of my home, which is every woman's dream" (I live the dream and highly recommend it to any CRAFTY!!! woman :)

If you like to display your pics, cards, notes, etc without damaging them with push-pins,buy kayskrafts's French Board and just slide them under the ribbon.

Kayskrafts's Memo boards are hand crafted,thus unique and OOAK!
All can be easily hung on any wall without attaching additional hardware to the Bulletin board and are built to last a lifetime.

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