Friday, July 23, 2010

Recycling Flying Tickets Project

This is a wonderful project which involves up-cycling+nostalgia+useful idea all together- Making a collaged photo album from your last vacation's flying tickets!

It seems like ages since our family trip to the US,but actually it's been only 2 month since we came back. During our journey we had a total of 9!!!! flights ,during each we had collect 27!!! flying tickets...

Usually one will throw this suppose to be waist,but not we-we collect ALL our tickets from all our international trips.
After returning to Israel, my hubby decided to clean our storage room and I found VERY old photo albums with this retro photo laminated to the cover (yak),so I ripped off the lamination from the cover,sand it a little to give it a raw surface and gave it a totally new cover by collaging all our tickets and memorabilia onto it. All was topped with a glaze to give it an extra shine and durability and vu-a-la my new and uh,so fantastic photo Album was born

Front Cover-Flying tickets; Mexican phone card & local curtsy (pesos)

Back cover-Manhattan Subway map; Soap bar cover from Mexico,Cancun & some tickets

Inside cover-Cancun resort flyer;Chichen-Itza - Maya's Archiological Piramyds site pass;Alice's Tea Cup place in Manhattan,NY

Album cover inside-cuncun map

All that left is to print the 1,000,000 photos we took and fill our new album with wonderful memories
Here are some of my FAV pics

Welcome to Chicago

Michigan ave,Chicago

Millennium Park-Cloud Gate

Crown Fountain

Chicago's suburbs

Ducks in local pound

Mr. PettiBear and Me

Mexico, BABY...

Gorgeous Cancun Beaches

Chichen-Itza ,Mexico
ancient Maya's Temple
giant iguana in the middle of the road

Ma petite traveler

Famous Maya Pyramid

The Skull Lake

Chichen-Itza Crafter's Market

The BIG City,NY


Time Square


Central Park
View on Manhattan from Staten Island ferry

Brighton Beach,Brooklyn

Dino's Amusement Park,Brooklyn

There are so many pictures and I wish I could show you more,but I think I'll do that on other occasion as this post got to be way to long


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