Monday, July 26, 2010

Birth Skirt-wrap style

A couple of days ago I finished making a custom order of a wrap skirt that has a special purpose -one lovely pregnant lady from Greece suppose to wear it during her birth process.

So I bet you all wonder how my pregnant belly got to be so big all of a sudden ...
Well,no, I'm not pregnant again (yet :) I just use my belly cast from my previous (and first) pregnancy to shoot all my maternity designs.
I love my belly cast-it reminds me of the exiting times from 3 years back and also helps me showcasing in the present...How great is that!
Sierra asked me the other day, why am I wearing her "home" again...That was so funny ,especially cause her birthday is tomorrow (July 28th)!

O.K, back to the wrap birth skirt-

This is a very comfortable skirt that perfectly accommodates all labor positions and medical equipment. It designed with an adjustable rubber band to the back and drawstring ties on the front-grows as you grow, and shrinks back, too :)
The wrap been closed with velcro closure for easy on, easy off.
Made of soft jersey knit for a more casual look.
Side slits for movement and a sleeker silhouette
Bend, sit, squat or walk the halls as needed without any extra material in your way.
Comfortable under-belly cut accommodates monitoring and stays off sensitive skin during contractions.
Don't just wear it for your birth! Pull it on for everything from prenatal appointments and yoga to a walk in the park. (At least that how I use my skirt when I'm not pregnant)

Daphne, I wish you an easy and quick labor and hope you will enjoy your new skirt


  1. I love it! It seems really comfortable and it's beautiful. Just perfect...

  2. Uh, hon :) Thanks! How cute was I back then, when I was pregnant lol