Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reclaimed rustic wood frame

My dear hubby is in charge of the hard work of cutting and making the wood frames for my screen prints. After each time he makes me a screen,I have bits of cut wood I have a hard time throwing (immediately thoughts running through my mind-what if I'll need this piece for some other project...what if this exact piece will save me from hunger one day lol etc.)
So finally yesterday I found the right job for my little wood pals!
A few days ago I got in the mail a BEAUTIFUL ACEO by munieca that traveled all the way from Argentina to my door steps and the little wood pieces I got, fit perfectly to the petit size of the card...So here you go my new frame and a How To for your reading pleasure

and remember -DON"T THROW !!! UPCYCLE



  1. how beautiful frame!!!
    Thanks for share this Viki!!!
    love, Andrea.-

  2. My pleasure! I LOVE my new aceo :)