Saturday, July 9, 2011

What I like" is "Go for a walk" in nice "warm" weather,cause this is my "Monday mood""

During the past few month HoneyCase2 has featured a few of my items in her lovely treasuries- among them were my Sailor Knot Headband and Sailor Knot Belt  my Unique Wrap Folded dress and my favorite by many Owl purse...
Since both of us are members of the same etsy team - 4littlesquares,I get to see and admire her beautiful works quite often...
When I first entered her  shop,for some reason the first thing that catch my mind ,was her location-Kiev,Ukraine.
Now I was born in Kiev,Ukraine,so seeing this artist's gorgeous works just puts me in a nostalgic mood...I never though I would miss Kiev as we relocated to Israel when I was pretty young,but still ,every time I see a seller from my city of birth,I feel a strong connection and pride -isn't it strange ?!

In a case of HoneyCase2,I have all the right to be proud -we both are members of the same great team,  obviously as I mention above were born in the same BEAUTIFUL city and we make great stuff  :D

Here are my favorites from Olena's stunning shop

A bit about Olena-
She is 26 year old designer, studied architecture in Kiev, but found herself  creating jewelry.
"I tried to work with polymer clay and could not stop :)"

"I hope you’ll like what I create, because I love it! I put all my soul in every item, and wish you’ll fill it !
It’s my work, and it’s my relaxation !

Olena,your soul can DEF be felt in your creations! It shines !!!! 
Keep up the great work you do :)

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