Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Continuation of the 5th Birthday Bash Marathon

So every good party has to have great food right ?!
And we first of all eat with our eyes...So here I am working on some  pretty food wrappers

I started with cupcake wrappers
EVERYBODY likes a nice ,good chocolate cupcake right!
And how can you not LOVE it if it has a dress like this
Ever wondered why these decorative cupcake wrappers are so expensive?!
Well I know why-removing all the cut outs to reveal the design is a tedious work-but what won't I do so Sierra will have a pretty desert table,even remove piece by piece and  by hand all the little pieces

How pretty is this little treat^^ ,ha?!

And you already saw the cake stand me and Sierra had previously made

So what has left is to show you the actual deserts :p
Here is the  D e s e r t  T a b l e 

AND here is a laugh -check out what's missing?! The cupcakes lol
I forgot to put them on the cake stand :D 
I discovered them been missing only after the party has ended

Here is what I did serve -

Banana Caramel Cream desert

Cherry Pana Cotta 

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Orange Ganache

White Chocolate Lemon Italian Meringue Butter cream  Macaroons 

 Chocolate Eggs

 Almond Candy Eggs

Pink Popcorn 

AND for the grand finale ......drums please......
Pink Ombre Coconut /Lemon Apple cake with Lemon Italian Meringue Butter cream 
and Marshmallow dough flowers
 The cake and the pink dolly balls decorations
 close up to the flowers
Cake stand carrying it's cake

I made the cake to look as if it's the hat of the cake stand's drawn girl- Derbi Hat ^^ :)

Here is how the cake looked after we cut it

Sweet layers of pink JOY

Happy 5th Birthday my BEAUTIFUL child!!!! 


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