Thursday, March 12, 2015

Super quick sewn Notebook DIY

By Viki Tiamat

Everyone likes a nice looking jotter and non will look better than one done by yourself !!
Now days,with the HUGE variety of beautiful designer card stocks,this project is easy as a pie.

Here is a quick tut on how to make your own beautiful sewn notebook

What you'll need is :
10 printer sheets (can be blank or printed)
1 12x12" cardstock sheet by Tattered Angels #20864
x-acto knife
polyester thread

So to start with, you'll take all your printer sheets stuck them together and fold them in half

Cut your 12" card stock to end up being 21 cm high .
Leave the width as is.
This will make your jotter's cover .
  Fold it in half

 Place the folded sheets inside the cover .Mark  6 dots and pierce them throughout all the layers

 Now we will sew the jotter (we will be using the easy peasy saddle stitch )
Take your poly thread ,measure and cut it to two length of your notebook

Start inside the notebook on one end and make a simple running stitch passing through the holes
Leave a 2" tail!

 When you reach the end ,continue the running stitch backwards to meet the tail

When you finished stitching your thread will come outside to the cover side
Make a loop and  knot it

Push the needle back inside through the same hole you just came out of

Tie an additional square knot and cut the ends short

Burn the ends with a lighter and your jotter is ready to write in and enjoy from

Let me tell you, this FUN tangled notebook will make someone soooo happy!!!
Aside the fact that Zentanle Art is super IN this season and giving such a lovely designed present will make anyone drool on , the  Tattered Angels "Tattered Tangles"  cardstock collection sheet I used to make it can also be easily drawn in, it's mistable and paintable !!!
So basically, you get one notebook and can end up with a completely different one at the end of use-just let your imagination fly and guide you towards all together new creation  - color it in with your markers, mist it , glaze or paint it...anything goes,just have fun doing it :)
Uh, and one more thing-the reverse side of the paper is blank, but has the same great finish, so you can add your own designs to the inside cover and you'll never be bored in the classroom again ;)

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