Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't throw-Upcycle 3rd project

(well not in my soul,but in my love t-shirt)

My hubby accidentally spilled an acid on his ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE T-shirt which caused it to crumble at that area :(
Since he LOVEs it so much,I just couldn't throw it to the gutters,so I fixed it :)

This is a really EASY projects that you all can do to your ripped T-shirt

Take a scrap of fabric in the same color (big enough to cover the hole twice )
Fold the fabric in half and cut 2 pieces slightly larger then the original hole
Pin one piece to the front and other directly on top of the hole on reverse (make sure both patches are alight one on top of the other)
Stitch all around
Make some decorative stitches to make it more interesting
Stitch a RED heart in the middle

So easy,and fashionably up-to-date!!!


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