Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birthdays weekend

The end of May turned out to be  a birthday weekend...
on May 25th,my smallest nephew turned 5, my father in law has celebrated his B-Day one day after on the 26th ...and this Saturday one of Sierra's friends at the kinder garden had his birthday party going on-what a busy week for me (making birthday presents of course :D )

My mom told me that Allen (nephew) really wants a dinosaur T-shirt and she can't find one at stores anywhere ...What a pleasant surprise that was (for me) as I have a ready Dino screen laying around for months now (reminiscent  of a custom order I'd make at time when alchemy was still alive on etsy :( I miss alchemy dearly!!! etsy,PLEASE bring it back!!!! PLEASE!!! )  
So I asked my mom to buy a plain T-shirt in the right size,and I printed a OOAK T for my little nephew  

I collaged the print from 3 different screens to make this cool Heavy Metal Dino Tee
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The original screen had some privet customer's joke in the speech box and the street sign...I covered these and replaced their wording with a HEAVY METAL print (I know there is nothing heavy metal about this design,but the font worked really well with the frame and I thought it was funny the word play of "heavy" and the huge dinosaur )
I had a little fuck up at the right side of the frame (the screen has shifted a bit), so I decided to cover the imperfection by adding a splash of color (he,he another word play :-D ) 
Turned out pretty neat ,I LOVE the result and actually considering to sell this design in my kids shop -what do you say?

My father in law got a chocolate fudge  cake as a present lol

and  for the third present ,here is another design I combined from screens made for old custom orders 
a CRIME SCENE Race Car tee

This T went to May (Sierra's kinder garden friend )

The base of this T-shirt was reconstructed from Michael's new old Castro top which he had donated to me :D
"new" because he never wore it,but it was an old T laying in the basically,it's an upcycled present 
And so,I cut men's Medium size T to make a 6T T-shirt for a 5 year old 
In this project I used two screens to create this crime scene composition 

Finally I found use for all my unused screens which I didn't want to erase,but nevertheless had no use of .

I believe both the designs can sell pretty well for 4-7 range boys (at least I know May likes his new T-shirt ,as he wore it today to the kinder garden...I was so proud seeing him in it and his mom LOVES it! 
Yey :)   


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