Sunday, June 12, 2011

New life...New Beginnings

Uh wow, I have so many new items to show you and things to tell I don't know where to start...
I guess, I'll start from the beginning-the birth of my second daughter-Sheluv

Even before Shelav's birth, I decided I wanna go with cloth diapers and at the last month of my pregnancy I started to sew the stock for my new sweetie.
I started with the smallest size-preemie . Although I gave birth on my 41 week of pregnancy and Sheluv was far away from being a preemie, I remembered how small Sierra was at her birth and wanted  Sheluv to have diapers  that fit her perfectly!
Sheluv was born at the weight of  3168 kg and the preemie diapers which run in 2-5 kg sizes were just PERFECT for her. 
I made two types of diapers -the turned and top stitched fitted style and the pocket fitted ones.
 Both versions made of organic bamboo velour in and out with hidden layer of organic hemp fleece for extra absorbency

Sheluv is modeling her new cloth diaper
★Since the diapers are made of absorbent materials inside-out , they DO require a diaper cover to be used with them.
And so,I made a pull-on reversible PU  diaper cover using two lovely prints
NO front or reverse side here-both sides are wearable without visible seams to irritate the delicate skin of my precious can work great as a swim panties too, since it's made of fast dry woven waterproof polyester
AWESOME and very comfortable item! 

Sheluv is modeling the Pink Argyle Plaid side

I also made some wooli minis for Sheluv

I LOVE these woolies so much! They are made of 100% merino wool and are just perfect as a diaper cover!!!
In opposite to PU covers,they don't hold odor in and only require some airing between uses  if not soiled !!!
At the beginning I didn't believe to the airing part and kept washing them after they soaked the pee during the night,but one day I left them hanging outside for a while and after about an hour ALL the smells had miraculously vanished !!! 
Wooli Minis will be available to purchase in my shop in natural white color during the month-I REALLY RECOMMEND  getting a pair or two

Now I'm waiting for new fabric delivery to arrive so I can make some AIO and AI2 style cloth diapers to add to my collection as well as adjustable rise One Size ones...So stay tuned for more pics later this month :)

At the mean time I can only tell that I'm super happy with the cloth diapers and wouldn't even think of  exchanging them to the disposable ones 

Some tips for those who may consider to get some for their babies would be 
A. wash the diapers several times before use to remove the natural oils from the fibers which prevent the diapers from soaking in the wee wee and the poo (I can tell from my personal experience,that my diapers started to absorb really well after about 5 washes!)  
B. Never use bleach to remove stains as the sun light does a great job at that department !!!

And if you ask my personal preference, I like the pocket fitted better then top stitched with the insert sewed in ones,since they dry much faster and I can play with the amount of  liners ...I also find the pocket fitted to hold the poo better!!! 
Though,I'm working on improving the pattern of the turned and top stitched ones to make them hold the blow-outs as good as the pocket ones :)
*UPDATE-the improved pattern is already done

AND...try the wooli minis !!! Your baby will Thank You

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