Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is it Sleeping Fairy

Baby sleeping problem is well known issue any mother with a newborn gets to meet first hand sooner or later 
Sheluv's issues with the sleeping fairy were due to the jumping reflex most infant have .
Cherifa ,my french artist friend has recommended me to make for Sheluv a sleeping sack to sleep in at nights.
She told me how her 6 month old son is sleeping in one since his birth and showed me some pics of available styles and  varieties 
I've chosen one style that looked the most comfortable to me and headed to the drafting board

 Here is what I designed and sewed for Sheluv
Mimi Ourson (bear cub) Appliquéd and Hand Screen-Printed padded Sleeping Sack
My baby bear design was cut with Silhouette cutter and freehand machine embroidered onto 100% cotton fabric which was then hand screen-printed with Cherifa's lovely illustrations and then padded with wadding and sewn together to the cutest sleeping bag ever
The night I put Sheluv to sleep in her new sleep sack was the first night we all slept peacefully till about 4AM!!!
I STRONGLY recommend to any new mama getting one of these for her sweet pie

Available to purchase in my shop here

This mimi ourson sleeping bag is part of the snuggle buddies collection I'm working on, which also will include-
♥sweet bunny rabbit
♥ havhav
♥ miau
♥ petit bear
♥ snuggly bear
♥ baby elephant

(here below is the rabbit design sewn onto a changing pad cover-since the sack is made to order, the same bunny-rabbit will feature on your sleep sack if you choose to )


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