Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Cob Oven

I'm really into green building and have ALWAYS wanted to make by myself an earth oven...And  since I have a garden in my new place,I finally decided to make one-YEY

So I began with a soil testing and found out that I have the perfect dirt in my own garden and since it's a new neighborhood and people still working on building their homes,I found a bag with lots of construction send ...all left to find was straw-which was a really easy job here in the kibuz where I have cowshed just 5 minute walk from my crib I had gather my supplies and got crack'n  
Here is how all went-

ME mixing the cob with my bare feet (long time no play with mud :D )

getting my feet all dirty

this is how my soil+sand+straw looks like after hour of mixing

building the insulating base for my oven+reusing some beer bottles ;)

 filing in with sand

fire brick goes on top

 FUN #2 begins-building a sand castle 

 It was a long time since I played with sand-I actually HATE getting my hands dirty :p 
Even  years back in art school the sculpting class was my least favorite class ,and here I am 14 years later,am building a sand castle 

 my sand castle has an Italian roots (not that straight I would say ) 

damp newspapers on top so I can find later where the cob ends and sand begins 
covered the whole thing with first layer of clay /sand mix

and now the wait begins :(
I need to wait till my mix is a bit dry so I can curve to door out...
I will update you on how it goes as I'll do it and the second layer hopefully tomorrow if the weather will allow me 

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  1. That's so cool, Viki! Loved the process, loved the result, as seen on facebook :)

    Happy cooking!