Thursday, November 10, 2011

My NEW Crib

So at the last post I showed you where I live...and now I'll enter you into my lill home :)
It's really small-about 60 square meter in which I have a living space ,my work studio and kids bedroom YES...a little something is missing -our bedroom :D We sleep in a living room in an altered wall bed...Maybe that is why my absolutely favorite place in my crib is the living room!
I gathered there almost all the artworks by my favorite etsy artists and friends and really proud of how it looks 

The main problem when living in a small space is to squeeze all our belongings in (we lived in a bigger apartment then this current one in Haifa ,which was too small for us even then,and now me are in an even smaller place -our biggest luck is my gift to know how to stuff a lot of things in a not that much big of a space 

So here is how it all looks like
see if you can figure whose beautiful illustrations are these framed artworks sitting on my dresser and wall
 Indonesian furniture my hubs bought me as a present 
This dresser ^^ actually has a top part now separated and standing on my dining table 
[used to look like this in my old place ]-

 The other side is the IKEA couch and some more of my favorite framed arts

Hubby calls it ^^ my art gallery :D 

The Dining space-
or as hubs calls it -the useless spot (he prefers eating on the coffee table instead ) but I like it :D

  P.S Here is the upper part of the dresser - the armoire sitting on my dining table I mentioned above

And check out my FAB vintage like subway art-it's a hand screen printed reproduction of LA bus trolley (available to purchase in my TiamatDesign etsy shoppe )

My Work Room-
a mess like always ,thus no pictures taken lol

KIDS's room-
It actually looks exactly like the old room,with tiny changes I'll just let you scroll back a few post and see how it used to look to get an idea of how it looks right now 

Uh..and my garden...well it's under construction -hubs build a gazebo for me and I started a little veggie/herb  pallet planters going on (I'll show you how to make one later on in a separate post ) -sprouting seeds from everything -cheery tomatoes,peppers,water melon ,celery,onions ..I'm like a little kid in a candy shop-excited about every new leaf :D
 Raised Bed Pallet with parsley,green onions ,cherry tomatoes [I sprouted from seeds and watch them grow to a little plant],basil ,thyme etc  
  green onions^^ from cut ends regrowing  beautifully 
THE JOY of living in a country side  

and to wrap it all nicely,I also started making an outdoor cob/earth oven to make some great pizzas !!!! 
(I'll try to capture the making of for you too)

As I said...THE JOY of living in a country side 


  1. Your new home looks lovely, Viki, so full of light! I spotted several Anne-Julie illustrations :)

  2. Thanks Rodi :)
    YES!!! Anne Julie is DEF living in my living room :D along with Sabbio,Minasmoke,Munieca,and Manuela De Simone
    wow...when I'm writing the list down I notice almost all of my favorite artist have a name starting with "M"