Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Documented Life Project week 8- Add a flap to your flap

By Viki Tiamat

February 15, 2014 (Week Eight)
  Challenge- Add a flap to your flap

My original tip in was Gelli print and handdrawn  Doodled flowers on top
I really liked the original print and had mental difficulties covering it up with opaque media,so I decided to go with collaged Mylar sheet as my flap on flap 


The decision of going with Alice in Wonderland theme was a mix of practical and intuitive 
I had this shadow box I previously made as  part of Xyron projects,which I never really used for anything-it was pretty and all,but something in it was just not enough for me to display it,yet I had hard time to discard it (as usual) ...so it laid in the dark  collecting dust for a while ,till this flap challenge here 

For the practical, what I did was basically taking the whole thing apart and reassemble the same concept on the mylar,but this time I decided to colour these beautiful illustrations

After I glued the characters on the mylar,I coloured the inlines of some of the yet remaining visible flowers underneath ,but the colour went ONLY on the transparent sheet.
So when you look at the overall picture ,the flowers have super vivid tones,yet when the mylar sheet is raised,a totally different picture is revealed -like  real Wonderland in my own journal

As it looks in my journal


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