Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Documented Life Project, week 9 Collage something you recycled.

By Viki Tiamat

February 22, 2014 -Week Nine
 Challenge - Collage something you recycled

OMGosh...Am I LOVING this Documented Life challenge or am I LOVING this challenge :)
Yep, loving it!!!!
This week was just at my alley !!!! One of the things I do best is upcycling ...
And this challenge couldn't come in a better time either-
I'm just returning from a HUGE lifestyle and DIY event that took place in Tel Aviv ,teaching Swimsuit  Designing & Drafting masterclass at,and if I wouldn't collect lots of cool memorabilia ,it would  have been a total failure from my behave ...
But don't worry,I did and this challenge was just perfect for smaching it all on a page of my journal 

So,while staying in Tel Aviv for the event weekend,me and the hubs came across this AWESOME restaurant called "Pua" .
It's a really great place to eat in !!! The food was delish and the ambiance is amazing!!
All the furniture in the place is collected from the flea market and everything in it is up for sale-how cool is that?! So if you by chance passing Jaffa's flea market, the restaurant is located in an alley of the market itself .
And the cherry on top is that they will wrap your take out in a super cool doggie bag!!!!
They upcycle old newspaper from India ,to make a paper bag for your leftovers !!!
That been said,of course I kept the bag and this would be the base of my week 9 layout
   And I even didn't took it apart ,instead I just folded it as it was originally before the food came in ,and the fold became my pocket 

To decorate the front I left the original take-out sticker the restaurant put on the doggie bag,cause I actually LOVED the graphic design of the little vintage girl 
Not to leave the girlie alone and sad as is,I gave her some robot friends :)
The right one is a work of art by Tal Tenne Czaczkes -a great Israeli artist, a really nice and vibrant lady in person and one of the teachers from the masterclasses of the Craft Delly event.
The bottom lady robot was a clothes tag from Castro Kids I kept,cause it's so frickn cute

If you look on the bottom half of my layout,you'll find the promotional postcard from the Delly event itself (the black one) and on the right side ,another beautiful promo Art postcard from a fellow artist and teacher who had teach a masterclass at the event ,named Hagit Azoulay Rosanes -a super talented artist as you may see

The "Made in Tel Aviv" thingy in the middle of the layout,is a receipt  from a super cool shop in the "Hatachana" compound in Tel Aviv (where the Craft Delly event took place) in which lots of designed memorabilia about Tel Aviv and it's glory been sold

Finally I added some bits of washi and Ta Da, my recycled layout is complete :)

as seen in my Art Journal
Since I loved the concept of this week's challenge so much ,I decided to capture the process of "making of " and make a video for you ,my crafty peeps.
So here it is-hope you'll like it :)

*It's my very first time to edit a video,so bare with me and my coughing and forgetting to mute the sound at times :D 


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