Sunday, September 15, 2013

Graphic45 /Petallo Blog Hop follow up-16" Paper Star Lantern DIY

OMGosh!!! Graphic45 has this AMAZING Steampunk  Spells collection that will make you drool :p The cardstock is so beautiful ,that after having a thought to make a 3D star out of it, I actually had a hard time to make the first cut  :D

In any way,after admiring the design just enough and  overcoming the shaky hands ,I created the template  for the star and made this DIY tutorial for you :)

And so,to make yourself a star like this
You'll need -

First of,I created a template for my 16" Paper Star in Photoshop 
(you can grab it from my graphic design shop)

I transferred the design to my Silhouette cutter and cut a total of 5 shapes.
See how I cheated my old A4 cutter to cut a 12" design I planned-I folded the sheet underneath the cutting matt and after cutting the first piece I unfolded the cardstock and cut the second shape on the remaining part of the sheet. :D 
Of course if you have the Cameo which is a A3 plotter ,you won't need to manipulate your machine and will save some valuable time as well lol 
OR, you can just cut the template off by hand-that will work too :D but I'm lazy like that^^
 So here is my cut shape-you need to cut exactly 4 more like this
 Make the creases
 Apply the double sided tape- I used my 6mm XYRON double sided tape
 Tape here...
The long fold is glued  to create the 3D shape
 The short folds are connecting the shapes together
 Glue one side together ,turn the shapes over and glue the other side
 Keep doing so with all 5 cones

 Ta Da-finished :)

 Now,if you want to make this Paper Star into a light fixture, don't connect  the 4th and 5th cones to each other  so you can insert a light bulb in the gap

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  1. Thanks for sharing how to make this beautiful star, is fantastic

  2. Thank you for sharing.