Thursday, December 26, 2013

Life Project props GIVEAWAY!!!!

It's been AGES since I run a giveaway  and I feel that this is the perfect time to through one :)
Usually, I offer an item from my fashion shop or kid's shoppe,but this time I want to do something different-I'm going to give away  a small  handmade treat made especially for the upcoming
"Documented Life Project" ,which will start in the beginning of  the new year ( and you still have time to sign up if you haven't done it yet )...

For this occasion, I whipped up a cool little set of 12 months dividers/ tabs STICKERS ready to use with your new 2014 planner .
In addition , I made a small sampler of seem to be MUCH loved handmade washi tape which I'll gladly add to the bundle :)
AND to sweeten this deal even more ,I decided to add a  sweet little cherry  on top-I'm going to hook you up  with a brand new gadget from XYRON!!!!
 Prepare yourself to be the new owner of  the cutest little adhesive applicater - the pink Mini Tape Runner + some more surprises ....

The lucky winner not only will get to have this lovely oriental set, she/he will have a little part of my actual house on it :D
I bet now you are REALLY curious what am I talking about,right ?1
Well,these tabs are made of  upcycled cardstock sheets by DCWV  from the "The Far East" stack, which only a month ago were wallpapered to my studio wall!
see if you can find the sheets that the tabs were cut from :D
Anyway,after thinking things through,I decided to remove these beautiful sheets from the wall and continue with my mural and use the cardstock +  little bits of plaster, to make these awesome tabs for YOU!

The handmade washi tape was made using origami paper and Xyron Creatopia machine  loaded with repositionable adhesive cartridge 

So now even if you won't win this set,you'll know what I  used to make it with and can use my rounded edges tab template to whip up some cool tabs yourself - use the PNG file with your cutter machine to cut some personalized month dividers using your own art or decorative cardstock like the above^

So how one can win this lovely set of Dividers+ handmade Washi + Mini Tape Runner by Xyron you ask....with a few VERY simple steps:

1. Check out my etsy shops and tell me via comment here on my blog  what item you liked best from each one of my shops

PettiBear- Made to Measuremnts Fashion & OOAK Accessories
PettiBearKIDS -Eco Friendly KIDS Fashion ,Toys, Bedding & Decor
TiamatDesign-Digital Templates and Graphic Home decor

2. Like my Facebook Pages

EXTRA points-
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The Winner will be announced on New Years eve ( IST time)


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  1. Wow, what a lovely give-away and I'm almost at a loss as to what I like best in your PettiBear shop. I narrowed it down to 2 items - is that allowed :) The first on is Victorian Wool Jacket with Novelty Puff Sleeves - this is just gorgeous and the other is the Unique Front Pleated Long Sleeved Dress - it looks so comfortable and flattering to wear.
    In PettiBear Kids I can just visualise that beautiful Butterfly and Crystal Chandelier Mobile hanging in a little girls bedroom - it's lovely.
    I really like the lovely Alice In Wonderland Hanging in Tiamat Designs. Now I'm off to have a browse at your fb pages too :)