Saturday, January 11, 2014

Making Paper Beads

You know I LOVE  good "green" project and I always on a lookout for a nice yet easy one to make with my 6 year old...A few days ago I stumbled upon paper bead making tut on Pinterest (I totally forgot about this great craft activity and was thrilled it has crossed my way)
Making Paper beads is such a fun and rewarding craft-it's easy,"green" ,you can make them with your kids and they turn so pretty.
There are plenty of paper bead patterns on the web and I found some really great ones on Pinterest as well.
All you need to make some yourself are very few simple tools-
Patterned paper or chrome journal pages
Ruler and pencil to make the marks
rotary knife or scissors to cut the shapes
long nail
 and Clear liquid glue-I use Teresa Collins's clear hold adhesive from her lovely pink kit 
When making beads with the little ones ,I would recommend running the paper through your Creatopia Machine loaded with repositionable adhesive cartridge  and then proceed with the bead rolling -this will prevent the paper from sliding from the nail  and get unwinded  

I thought to take lots of pics of the process ,but decided a short video will be quicker :p

so here you go,enjoy :)

Sierra and I made lots of beads and then assembled this cute Angel keychain -as I said,these are great to make with the kiddos 
(the angel wing is by Maya Road  )


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