Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Introduce COLOUR to your life

 Boring white walls ...NOT this season!
Introduce COLOUR to your life and see how it instantly boost your mood
I don't talk about cromatherapy ,but about colour happiness -colourful walls  makes everyone smile and this is a proven fact!!!
Here are 3 different ways and techniques of  introducing colour to your walls-
This is how I did it------>


Colourful walls  painted with decorative wash technique and  variation of stencilled flowers
And,don't be afraid to add additional colour-hang picture frames in different shapes ,sizes and colours to emphasise the wall art
 my bedroom wall
art by

Minasmoke  (bottom left and  right)
 Anne Julie Aubry (upper left )

Art postcards in colourful frames above my window  

Use art postcards in colourful frames  for additional flare
Hung them in unusual places -not everything must be in perfect order,actually ,disorder makes the art pop even more!!
art by Sabbio (left) Minasmoke (right) 

If you are not a crafter and have fear of free hand drawing and stencilling ,use the simplest way possible to add colour to your walls -get some fun and colourful vinyl stickers or decals

 my kids room wall

Paper and fabric wall stickers gathered into a fun flower bouquet. 
Some additional flowers were stencilled and freehand drawn to add some more dimension to the wall art- NOT a must,but DEF adds flair

reading nook in kids's room
an armchair found in the dumpster got a new life with cherry blossom & butterflies fuchsia canvas    

Reupholster an old armchair with funky colourful fabric for additional whimsiness 

I think this is the easiest wall transformer ever invented -wallpaper !
And it doesn't even have to be an actual wallpaper too,you can decoupage practically ANYTHING onto your walls -seriously !!!
I adhered decorative paper from "Back to Asia" paper pad stack by DCWV onto my studio walls using simple tool  by Xyron -the awesome Creatopia machine  and the result was striking 
my studio wall
So see...it's easy ,fun and adds SO MUCH character to your space , a total MUST DIY

GO add colour to your life ,cause colour IS  the new black!!! 


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