Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Documented Life Project

Exactly one month ago I've started a great journey called The Documented Life Project
Basically ,it's a mix of planner, journaling and ART  weekly challenges that each week bring out the best of me for some many reasons ...!!!!

The most important reason for me to join this adventure was the fact that besides sketching patterns for my fashion,I haven't touched a paintbrush for about 14 years!!!! (can you believe? ) and I think my soul missed it so much ,I was drawn to this group of 4,675 people like fireflies to fire.
Another reason to join in is quite simple -I have tons of ideas racing in my mind ,daily and trying to remember them all ,just overloaded my brain ...It's like having an everlasting firestorm in you,so by keeping a journal ,I feel less ADHD and it helps to put some of this fire to rest .
Now when I have an idea,I don't need to start it as a project and 15 minutes later on put it to side and begin another one just for the sake of remembering ...I write the idea down and know that when I'll have time for it,I'll make it happen (don't worry,I still run at least 3 projects simultaneously, this just helps me focus more :D )

Now the truly great thing about all this documented life for me,is the weekly guided challenges -
I LOVE all thing inspiring ,and having art topics to deal with ,make the art creating process for me MUCH easier ! If I don't have someone telling me to create art,I might leave my paint gear for additional 14 years and that obviously would be a shame

So to start with this project one needs a planner -most use Moleskin ,others different types of sketchbooks,I hand bound my own Planner
Making my own books give me the opportunity to play with both the choice of colour  of my pages and the weight of them-Moleskin planners tend to have a very lightweight papers people gesso to prevent their markers to bleed through .Binding my own book gave me the option to use heavy weight 160 gms cardstock in a cool gold colour AND print my own doodled day dividers
Each season has a different doodled layout

P.s, you can purchase a ready to print files of each of these fun doodle layouts in my Graphic Design etsy shop - TiamatDesign
But wait,don't run off yet,read on for a nice surprise....

On Top of all that coolness,I chosed to make a fabric ,hand embroidered cover to truly showcase myself (apparently ,I'm a flower girl :D  )

 mix of vintage embroidery patterns  ,hand embroidered on a heavy weight canvas

 long stitch binding
gold pages peaking out 

and this is the inside cover (flower girl going strong :D )
first page with my name,year and PettiBear logo on

O.k, so obviously you can see I'm excited :p
To share my excitement  with the world ,and to make some of you happy in the process ,I decided  to release the doodled files for all my readers and followers as a freebie !!!

I won't ask much in return either!

Just a simple courtesy of mentioning my brand- TiamatDesign and a link to my etsy shop

to your followers in case and you choose to download one of the files and use them in your journaling or art project-simple as is!
And if you like, you can even share the result of your art with me,and I'll feature it here on my blog

So without further ado ,lets do some fun doodled art 



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