Saturday, February 22, 2014

Add colour to your FLOORS

In my last post I've talked about simple ways to add colour to your walls,today I want to talk about adding colour to your floors!

We all know the most easy way of adding colour to  our floors-putting a carpen on .
This is no doubt the most popular way -you buy a rag in the colour of your scheme ,place it on it's place, and when you get bored of it,just buy a new one and -ta da a new fresh look
But don't you agree with me, that this is the coward's way of introducing colour when there so many other alternative options these days...!
I want to show you a couple of new ways of adding colour to the ground you step on and I'll start with colourful tiles...
O.K, so we all had or saw these horrible 70's tiles around some of the old houses at one point or another...These were a total eyes confusing, brain shockers and let's be honest, plain ugly.
 But what if I'll tell you, you can use these same shockers in a totally FAB and sophisticated way, by just laying them as an area rug in your living space

    A cool example will be this amazing vintage tiles here -
This is actually a photography of vintage hand painted tiles from an old house in Tel Aviv,Yaffo
I  LOVE the look of  the old tiles peaking out under a layer of concrete  which obviously ones completely covered this beauty
מתוך תערוכה "דאדא בלטה" From the "Dada Balata " Exhebision 
צילולמים מאת האמן חוני המעגל photographs by the artist ,Honi Hamaagal
And how about this modern take on the vintage tiles-
A Gorgeous sample of decorative tiles area rug

מתוך הבלוג של רוחמה שרון  taken from Ruhama Sharon blog
Now days you can even print your own designs on the tile-that is an amazing option for the artist in you,to decorate your floors with your own art right !

This brings me to the second media one can choose to design his/her boring floors -PAINT on them by yourself!!!
Be aware these images are NOT for cowards :D
(and yes,I know you can paint on your own plain rug,but it wouldn't be the same :P )

There are loads of samples on the web and Pinterest   for painted floorboard , I want to show you my own creation rather than showing you others :)
Though I do have a HUGE stunning handwoven  rug in my own bedroom ,I don't take pride in it as much as I do of my hand painted rug in my studio  

And to make sure you do believe this is a floor drawing ,here is a proof beneath :)
my wedding shoes ,which I worn only ones and since for almost 9 years are on the shelf , look great on the rug  

And my last sample for cool and unusual floors does come from Pinterest and it's called "Paper Floor"  and there is even a DIY tutorial
Domestic Imperfections Paper Floor DIY 
So here you go, don't be boring ,make bold decisions and next time your guest come to visit, WOW them with your creative floor!!!

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By Viki Tiamat 

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