Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Documented Life Project Week Six- Pinterest Inspiration

2/1 Week Six
Challenge: Open your Pinterest board and be inspired
I call it "Bird Story"
I did this one on a whim - while making screenprint of two birds for one of my hand bound book covers ,I decided to print the same birdies on a Gelli Print I had laying around (the screen was already flooded with too much paint and it was a waste to waste it ) .
When I printed it ,I didn't have any artist in mind ,but looking backwards I guess ,the influence came from the talented Genin whose work I adore !!
I haven't looked on her work to be inspired by per se ,but following her here on FB, must have triggered my artistic sciences

original gelli print

Hand screenprinted birds

painted with Posca markers

By Viki Tiamat

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