Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 2 Challenge for Documented Life Project- SELFY

The Documented Life Project - Jan 5th (Week Two) Challenge
Say Cheese!!! This week's challenge is to incorporate a selfie into your planner.  This can be done as simply as snapping a photo with your phone, printing it out and adding to your planner.  Don't want to add your sweet face to your planner? No worries, why not sketch or paint a likeness?  Can't sketch or paint? No worries, consider using words to describe yourself and add those to your planner. Not into the selfie scene? This challenge is optional!

My second challenge is ready

My SELFY -I call it חייה בסרט *

Thought ,I would kill for legs that long,actually it's just a fashion illustration which represent me the best these days- I'm a Fashion and Accessory designer
I do wear my hair like this-LOVE Victorian Rolls

Actually,I don't like stars-that's just what my washi says about me
But I do live my life in a different dimension (in Hebrew we call it "חייה בסרט" * "Haya be-Seret" which literally means " lives in a movie" but in English it will better translates as "Lives in a Wonderland " -Yep,that's ME -that's why my washi is trashing me lol

I AM wicked -that's what my Mom says about me and I know for sure my mother in law DEF telling people I'm a witch

The Anchor is to represent my Daddy-one of the loves of my life -seriously,I LOVE my Dad to pieces and wanted him to be in my selfy!!

The lipgloss represents the very first thing I've learned after graduation high school -I went to study to be a Make Up Artist, but haven't practiced it but on myself and the models I shoot for my collections

The tiny words near my photos telling about me being a free spirit girl-I'm a sagittarius ,so I'm always up for a good adventure ,thus the words "bags & fun "

And lastly, my photo goofing around with my loved ones -hubby and my girls (it's an old photo taken about 2.5 years ago But I still look the same and my printer played a trick on me and stopped working right after I bought new cartridges for him (what an unappreciative printer he is....)
Anyway,couldn't print an up-to-date photo of me ,BUT I actually really happy with this one as it's so much ME without the posing and fakeness ,you know

I just LOVE this project-it's like a free therapy lol
 Original Gelli Print prior selfy

in my planner

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