Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My sweet Handyman

My AWESOME husband is celebrating his 34th B-Day today :)
I love this man to pieces and after a VERY long time not making fondant cakes ,I decided my guy deserves to get a great looking cake (especially since I am notorious for very late gift giving-usually I only get to buy them a few days before his birthday... and I buy them from etsy or web shops abroad, so delivery takes time and he gets to actually hold the gift in his hands a month after his birthday-ooops)

The above is genuinely true only for carefully sorted  shop bought gifts (man, it's really hard buying the right present for your hubby-I never seem to know what to get him and buy late cause the perfect gift always pops in the last minute)

  So after looking on Pinterest (where else ) for an idea for a cool cake to suit my uber-cool husband, I found  a 'Handyman' cake that I thought will be the most appropriate cake design I can do for him, since he truly does have the "Golden Hands".
 And so,yesterday was dedicated completely to making  my take on a handyman designed cake, et voilà
 my 'Electrician' cake was born  (and it was ready just in time for his B-Day  too ;)

LOVE you babe !!!!

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