Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sierra's new clothed- DIY

Make something new from old piece of junk anytime you can!!!
That's a good motto right :)
Well it's mine, and I intend on using it anytime I possibly can!

This time it was just a necessary step we had to do!!!
Since Sierra is going to share her room with her soon to be born little sister, we had to clear up some space for the baby bed and dresser...
Though ,Sierra has quite a big room,it just wasn't big enough to contain all the necessary furniture... We had to get rid of the cardboard clothed I'd make for her years ago and put the nursery articles instead.
But ,moving the clothed away hasn't solved the clothes issue -Sierra must have her clothes right :-D
So...we are really tight on space and there are no additional walls (why there are only 4 walls in her room when I need 5!!!) and we still need to put her clothes somewhere ...
Hubby suggested clearing a space in our clothed...(Hell NO!!! I don't have enough space as is!!!!) ...I suggested on the other hand, making a new shelving system to put the clothes in ,instead :)
Hubby wasn't happy....Yet again he had to work after work ,while trying to satisfy my wild dreams.
He also was wondering from what am I looking to build the new clothed from,and I immediately pointed on the old ladder we had found months ago.
Of course, I had to involve my daddy in the project too ,as we had the base for the shelves (the ladder),but we didn't have the shelves their self ...So I drove to my dad's work and have him take apart some old construction wood pallets... and Vu a la ,Sierra has a new open clothed

Here are some making of pictures

I also plan on adding a hung pole on the bottom so Sierra can hung all her dresses and coats

Thanks to my wonderful husband for making ALL my pregnant (and non) dreams come true



  1. This is so COOL! :)
    I want something like that in my room too!

  2. Fantastic way to re-use and recycle something old. It looks rustic and shabby chic...and SO functional! Great work Viki and Hubby!