Monday, May 14, 2012

Making of Peony Bliss Bridal Fascinator

People really have to start  appreciate handmade millinery flowers !!
It takes literally hours upon hours to cut,shape and assemble each bloom !!
Since I worked on a new accessory collection recently and I use only my own handmade flowers in my fascinators ,I want to share the making of ,of my Peony Bliss 
(I didn't capture all the steps ,but you still will be able to see the tedious work involved in making this one precious beauty)

In opposite to making satin or any other synthetic fiber flowers which you can form by heating directly after cutting ,cotton millinery flowers must be starched previously to cutting and heat setting...
So the first step of making cotton bloom would be starching well your fabric 

Step 2 transfer your petal patterns to the previously treated fabric 
To make one peony flower I needed  to draw and cut total of 40 separate petals 

step 3 cut the petals 

 The fabric didn't have enough body the first time I starched ,so I repeated the starching procedure one more time with each petal I previously cut
 This is how I air dried my 40 petals^^

Now each petal's twirls are formed by heat setting the shape with a metal ball shaped tool
 Another way to give the petals a nice nature like shape is by giving them vines. The vines are done by heated fork (right side of the photo shows the veins in the middle of the petal )

after all the petals were formed ,I assembled them into a nice peony cluster  
and Peony Bliss was born


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