Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Re-Fashion Re-Create Re-Design

I have had a couple of neat projects on my hands these past few weeks,one of them is refashioning a second hand women's plaid button up shirt and give it a more fashion forward new life .
I thought of it and decided to share the making of process with you (pardon for the bad quality photos ->
I usually work at nights -that is the only quite time I have to work without a destruction from my little ones,so all the photos were taken then,thus no light and lots of pixels ...But,you'll forgive me right ;)

 So lets begin ...
We'll make a sweetheart lace neckline  with cut out laced shoulders and back and introduce  fullness to the hips by inserting a rounded lace godets

You'll need one shirt old or new that fits you well at bust and waist and nice quality lace -I got mine in Tel Aviv for an outrageous $45 per meter,though it's stunning and made of 100% cotton fiber which is a huge plus for me as synthetic fibers are not working that well in hot weather and it always nice to have a natural fiber close to your skin
 Start by marking the true waist line of the shirt (it usually will be located around 43-45 cm downwards  measured from the highest point of neckline)
Right under,it's where the godets will be placed-though you can make them higher and locate them at under-bust
 Mark the center of the shirt -will be located on the button placket

 Draw a sweetheart shape neckline on a craft paper and trace it to the shirt with a removable marker
 Determent the width of the cut out godet (NOTE-the inserted lace godet have to be MUCH larger then the cut out piece to make the hip area full !!!)  
 Mark the placement of the godets and cut
 I find it easier to cut one side then fold and cut the other side
 Do the cutting of the side and back godets 
 This is how your shirt will look like after all the godets were cut
 Now cut the sweetheart neckline
Use the cut out as a template for the lace pieces-make sure to cut 1 cm larger all around for seam allowance  
Lace parts are ready 
Now make the cut ends of the shirt pretty -I used bias tape 
Sew the lace parts together
Attach the lace where the plaid was 
Hem the godets  with bias tape or whatever method you find easier  
Sew the lace inserts in place-see how the lace 
godets are much wider then the original cut out was^^

and now... find the difference between the upper^ and bottom photo
*hint-it's all about the hem

Trim the godets  to a nice circular shape and hem
That's it.......
You've got yourself a brand new stylish button up with lace inserts shirt!


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