Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pothoshoot -behind the scene

I have this very talented lady friend in her last year of photography major studies that offered me a nice trade-she needed some fashion items to take pictures of for her fashion photoshoot class and I like always, need good photos of my fashion-hence the exchange-my fashion for her photography work :)

The photo shoots started with hair and make up done by yours truly -I had study to be a make up artist years back ,but haven't proceeded with this trade ...
I actually think it's really nice coming back to it from time to time and put make up on ,on someone other them myself ;p
The hair is my new hobby and I enjoy from it daily doing hair for Sierra

So while my friend worked hard  taking GORGEOUS photos of my Victorian Jacket ,I snapped some quick behind the scene action

But of course my  dark photos are just a teaser to the real deal-the amazing  shots taken by Lihi Arad
Give it a round of applause  .......Drams please....................Ta Da.........................

And nowwwwwww ,I'm excited to present  my new Feather Up accessory line
These are only three samples from the many,many  more hair fasinators to come in the near future-
Really hope you'll love the new line

Peony Romance 
Hand cut and formed cotton peony flower and bud with Grey Dun rooster Hair extension feathers and Snow White and Champlain Saddle Hackle feathers all set on a clear plastic side comb 

 Black & White Love Story
Clip On Grizzly  and Grey Dun rooster Feather Hair Extension with Guinea hen feather flower and English Veil bits

Goose Feather Flower fasinator
 All the new accessories will be listed in a short while  in the shop
See'ya soon 

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