Friday, May 18, 2012

Operation Upcycle MY SOFA

Remember,I already told you earlier in one of my posts about my white IKEA sofa and how it is TOTALLY wrong to buy white couches when you have kids <----click here for the post 
Well, one lovely April morning ,I saw this "Operation Upcycle MY SOFA" contest post on a timeline of one of my FB friends and immediately decided to join in, as I have (hopefully,not for long) the most STAINED IKEA sofa EVER .

The rules were simple (see beyond) 
So I collaged  some of the photos from my own Redesign/Cover the stains on the Sofa operation and uploaded it to the competition with a hope in my heart to take the big price home :)

AND my prayers where received !!!

I AM the Grand Prize Winner of this contest !!!!!!!!!

and NOT only have I won the big $500 price,the folks  from Comfort Works and IKEAfans have contacted me a week ago to offer me a special BONUS!
They liked mine and Sierra's doodles on the sofa so much ,that they hated the  art to go to waist,thus they offered me to ship the drawn slipcovers to their workshop and make cushion covers of them for me 

"We fell in love with your art on your existing seat covers and Susan from IKEAFANS, thought of a great idea to turn them into new pillow covers. And we agreed!
Of course, the workmanship and additional material will be fully sponsored by Comfort Works, while IKEAFANS has generously offered to cover postage fees (up to $50) for the sending your covers to our workshop.  
We wanted to know what do you think- before we made the announcement. Would this be something you'd be interested in?"

What do I think?.... I THINK IT"S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How neat is that^^
I can only say one thing for sure-BEING CREATIVE PAYS UP!!!!!!
And now ,I'll head off to the FABULOUS Comfort Works website to pick up a new fabric for my NEW slipcovers -YEY !!!!

and of course,as soon as I'll get my new sofa covers and cushions ,I promise to show pics and  brag   :D



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