Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beads Orginaizer DIY

A few days ago we bought Sierra,my 6 year old a cute little beading  loom which came  with some simple acrylic beads in a mix of colours and shapes.
 All were thrown together in one plastic bag and cased in a big black and ugly plastic suitcase. .

Sierra was very excited about her own crafty gadget and immediately sat me down and had me teach her how to make a beaded cuff bracelet :-)

Me on the other hand couldn't get my mind to rest-something in this kit wasn't right (according to my standards ) ...
Watching Sierra bead brought me to understanding that having all the beads mixed in a plastic bag was just not good enough for me and it has made Sierra's crafting experience more difficult then it's suppose to be.
So I decided to organize the beads according to colour and give each it's own crib

Here is what you'll need to make the cutest bead organizer for your kid
And yes,I know there are plenty of ready-made plastic bead organizers on the market I can buy, but I didn't want to spend $$ on one when I had the ugly suitcase and my imagination ;P

So here is what you'll need-

  • one ugly plastic suitcase (the one that came with the kit)
  • small plastic containers (I used ones that are made for food storage )
  • variety of patterned papers ( I used the Imaginisce collection )
  • XYRON Creatopia machine
  • Posca markers

First of,you need to cut one of the plastic containers to make a cutting template

Now with the help of your template you can cut  the patterned paper- one for the perimeter and one for the bottom 

All cut and ready for my beloved Creatopia machine

Pop them in and make a sticker out of all of them
Keep in mind that we want to place the glue on the FRONT of the perimeter templates ,so we should flip each shape over while running through the machine!!!!
(I used double sided patterned cardstock,so it's difficult to see what am I talking about ^^,but trust me on it )

No glue each circle to the bottom of the plastic cup

 Then after, cover the perimeter 
 First is ready-11 left :)

To make things even more kid friendly and give some great inspiration for colour combinations ,I covered  the inside of the suitcase with more great patterned papers from the imaginisce brand

Of course I can cover the outside as well, and decorate the whole thing for a total shabang ...I'll think of that  But meanwhile,I'm happy that all the beads are organized and looking pretty from the  inside and the outside can wait for a different post :D


  1. hehe. that's Imaginisce' Sole Sisters collection!
    hope its ok to link to your fb. posts!

  2. Of course it is ,Don :)
    Link away